Laura Power, MS, PhD, LDN

Nicole Cheng, B.S.


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CLINICAL: Laura Power is a licensed nutritional biochemist with 24 years experience in Medical Nutrition

Therapy.  She is founder and director of the Allergy & Nutrition Clinic in Falls Church, Virginia (1992 - present).

She was also a clinical nutritionist at The Nutrition Clinic, Bethesda, Maryland (1993 - 2000) part time.  Her

skills include: Evaluation and treatment of serious cases, laboratory testing, individualized diet and supplement

programs, and Rx custom nutrient compounds.  Her SPECIALTIES include:

CHILDREN: She has evaluated and treated over 2000 children with developmental delays (Autism, Aspergers,

ADHD, Downs), most with excellent outcomes.  This includes: nutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, diet, food

allergies, digestive diseases, the microbiome, hormones, behavior, neurotransmitters and seizures.

ADULTS:  This includes: nutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, diet, food allergies, digestive diseases, the

microbiome, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease (some), chronic fatigue viruses, autoimmune conditions,

neurological and mood disorders, fertility, pregnancy, menopause, management of transplant patients, some

genetics, and disorders of thyroid, adrenals, fat-cell hormones, mitochondria, and anti-aging.

RESEARCH:  Dr. Power is founder and director of the Biotype Research Corporation (1992 - present).  Her

research includes: ABO and Rh patterns in food allergies and lectins, ADHD and trace minerals, and endocrine

hormone patterns.  She holds a patent and registered trademark on her food allergy research, "Biotype Diets

®", which was published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine in 2007.   She has been

involved in biological and nutrition research since 1985.


•  Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (LDN), Maryland, 1992 – present.

• Certified to practice under the title law in Virginia as a “nutritionist.”  [There is no license in Va yet.]

• She was a "Registered Clinician" with the Autism Research Institute, and is still on the "DAN!" List.


• MS: University of Maryland in Nutritional Sciences, 1991.  Included: human nutrition, vitamin nutrition, mineral

metabolism, food chemistry (2X), energy nutrition, inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry (4X), cell

biology, physiology, biostatistics, research colloquiums (4X), and Thesis in food allergy research (IgE & IgG).

• NIH: National Institutes of Health graduate school: Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences

(FAES).  Courses in: Immunology, Allergy, Epidemiology, and Seasonal Affective Disorders and Biological

Rhythms.  1990 – 1994.  Epidemiology included a certificate course on infectious disease research from the

Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and textbook and lectures on designing research studies for degenerative


• PhD/Certificate: International University, California, a Certificate program in Clinical Nutrition and Disease.

It included classes for one weekend a month for 18 months, with lectures, exams, and homework.  Her

Dissertation was on T-cell food hypersensitivities.  [The school is now closed.]

• BA: University of Southern California in Comparative Literature and Journalism.

• Autism Research Institute – three  3-day intensive seminars, 2004 – 2009.

• Miscellaneous: Endocrinology, Neurology, Mitochondrial Function, Genetics, the Microbiome, and others.


• Expert Witness as Nutritionist in the Fairfax County Circuit Court of Virginia.

• Involved in nutrition licensing legislation since 1985 in Maryland and Virginia.

• Has written and been granted a patent for her research in food allergies.

• Has litigated Pro se cases in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland.


• Six Biotype Diet Cards with food allergy indexes by blood type, Biotype Research Corp. 2011.

• Biotype Diets System, Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine. Jan 2007.

• The Relationship of Food Hypersensitivities To Blood Types, FASEB

(Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology), 1992.

• Dietary Lectins, Townsend Letter For Doctors, June 1991.

• Multiple nutrition articles for the public in magazines and online.  [See News & Articles.]


Dr. Power has lectured to the public and professionals in person, and on radio and television.  See Lectures.


• President and founding member of the Virginia Nutritionists Association.

• Secretary and founding member of the Maryland Nutritionists Association.

• Member of the American College of Nutrition.


Nicole has been our office manager for 9 years, and works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She comes to

us with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and a background in computer science.   However,

she is also knowledgeable about gluten-free and casein-free diets, food allergies, supplements, and

developmental delays.  She has attended three Autism Research Institute conferences (DAN!), and is the

mother of an autistic child.  She is available and qualified to answer your questions about the Clinic and our

practice.  She schedules office visits, and is in charge of supplement orders, the Shopping Cart, UPS shipping,

and bookkeeping.

Esi House, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, also

certified in Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, & Lymphatic Drainage.

Esi is licensed and certified to provide orthopedic massage and myoskeletal alignment massage

to address chronic pain due to auto accident, sports injuries and for general muscle relaxation.

She opperates a separate practice in our office and elsewhere in the Northern Virginia area.