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Guests may buy Biotype Diet Products.

Our Patients may also buy supplements at discount.

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We recommend the highest quality nutraceuticals (professional supplements not available in stores), which

are hypoallergenic, high potency, with pre-metabolized vitamins, and superior mineral transporters.  All

companies use third-party reference labs to verify contents.  Dr. Power uses such premier companies as:

Allergy Research Group, Biotics, Complementary Prescriptions, Douglas, Ecological Formulas, Garden of

Life, Herb Pharm, Integrative Therapeutics, Klaire Labs, Ness, Pharmax, Physiologics, Primary Source,

Progressive, ProThera, Pure, Thorne, and Vital.


Dr. Power is licensed in Maryland to prescribe custom nutrient compounds for our clinic patients.  This is a

compound that is designed precisely for you, using the amounts and forms of all the vitamins, minerals,

amino acids, and phyto-nutrients necessary for your metabolism.  These can include pre-metabolized

vitamins, and mineral forms such as citrates, picolinates, malates, bis-glycinates, etc.  It can be formulated

in varying size capsules (from very small to large, or vegetarian).  It can also be made into a powder, or

liquids with multiple natural flavors.  It provides you with most nutrients in one bottle, instead of multiple

bottles.  Or it can be made to complement a quality multi-vitamin-mineral formula.  These are especially

handy for small children, distracted teenagers, adults with multiple special needs, or traveling


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